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For detailed SPONSORSHIP information on the following Annual Festivals visit their dedicated sponsorship information pages at:

Summer Arts and Music    Reggae On The River®    Humbold Hills Hoedown    Humboldt Hemp Fest    Winter Arts Faire

...or Download Our Official 2015 Sponsorship & Advertising Brochure
for complete information and submission forms for all 2015 sponsorship and advertising opprtunities.

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The Mateel Community Center is a non-profit organization whose mission involves providing programs, events and services that serve the growing and changing needs and wants of our community, with an emphasis on performing and visual arts. The reality of our finances is that every year as our community grows and changes, our costs grow and change as well. For example, as funding disappears for music, art, and drama programs in our schools, our challenges to provide funding for programs such as Recycled Youth, the Spring Arts Collective, Missoula Children's Theatre, The Random Peoples Monologues Project, Mateel Meal, and the South Fork Drama Department increases. The California Arts Foundation generously provides a portion the funding for our arts programs but the majority must come from our supporters, including sponsors, advertisers and members.

Programs that Mateel sponsors and co-sponsors, in addition to the programs mentioned above, have become cherished community traditions that we all enjoy and expect to happen every year. Events such as Reggae on the River™, The Summer Arts & Music Festival, the Winter Arts Faire, Humboldt Hoedown, and the Hempfest simply could not happen without the financial support of the community. That’s why we offer businesses and individuals opportunities to sponsor our events and programs through the production of our event program guides. Advertising and sponsoring Mateel events and programs in our guides, is a wonderful way to make a contribution to the Mateel, while at the same time insuring that your business receives excellent exposure thousands of people throughout the tri-county area and beyond.

For 2015 sponsorship packages and information, Download Our Official 2015 Sponsorship & Advertising Brochure

...or contact our Sponsorship and Publicity Coordinator Cathy Miller at: (707) 923-3368 Ext 27 or email:

Your Mateel Advertising

The Mateel Community Center offers sponsors and supporters many different advertising opportunities throughout the year. The primary advertising opportunity happens in summer before our biggest summer festivals commence, in the Summer Arts and Music and Reggae On The River™ Program guides! Ads come in a variety of sizes and prices and with over 26,000 of these these full color program guides distributed throughout Northern California each festival season, represent an incredible bang for your advertising buck! A 10% discount is customarily given for advertising in the Summer Arts & Music Festival to those who also plan to advertise in the Reggae on the River™ Guide as well. Advertising options include the Summer Arts & Music Festival program guide, which hits the stands in late May,and the tri-annual Real Mateel Newsletter.

For miscellaneous 2013 advertising rates, sizes, and formatting information visit our 2015 "Advertising" page...

...or contact our Sponsorship and Publicity Coordinator Cathy Miller at: (707) 923-3368 Ext 27 or email:

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